How do you tell a WIDECASE vs NARROWCASE single engine?

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How do you tell a WIDECASE vs NARROWCASE single engine?

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How doyou easily tell the difference between a 'widecase' ducati single and a 'narrowcase' ducati singles??? It is easy, look at the engine mounting bolts..... This is the easiest way to spot the difference as they are different. John Collier filled us in with the following notes:

According to the parts books

* Widecase engine mount bolts are;
Rear 8 mm x 226 mm
Front 8 mm x 100 mm

* Narrowcase engine mount bolts are;
Rear and Front 8 mm x 85 mm

I drilled mine out to 3/8 and used grade 1o bolts with nylocks. My bolts were longer as I also used thicker front plates and the top rear mount to secure a clutch cable anchor.

John Collier

On 23-Jan-07, at 1:33 PM, Bevel Heaven wrote:

> Single minded heads,
> Brain fart here - can’t remember what the difference on a wide case vs
> narrow case ducati single pertaining to the engine mounting bolts/
> frame - please advise;;
> All mount boss same length = ?
> Front mount boss compared to rear mount boss = ?
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a FIN difference.

Post by Merlin D. »

The crankcase on a NC has 7 fins while the WC has 8. I don't have a WC Duc to validate my claim, but ancient Ducati legend has stuck itself inside my brain. True?
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