1974 750 GT carb question

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1974 750 GT carb question

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Good Morning,

In getting my newly acquired 750 GT back on the road in running condition, I have a carb question. I cleaned (ultrasonically), rebuilt, and hand synched the carbs. Bike has some type of electronic ignition although I can't figure out which one yet. I also replaced the exhaust gaskets. Bike starts right up nice and easy and idles well. Take off on a ride, and it runs great, good power through out the rpm range. Problem is once it gets warmed up good, when coming to a stop, the idle hangs up high and slowly comes back down. What could be causing this? I checked for air leaks around the carbs and no air leaks present. Should note, that I believe someone had upgraded the carbs on this bike at sometime in it's past to PHF32's as I believe the GT's came iwth PHF30's.

Thanks for the help.

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