Oil Pump - Improved Performance

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Oil Pump - Improved Performance

Post by Dukaccino »

Hi All,
What is the difference with those improved oil pumps we see on the net.

Are there any improvements possible to the existing pump?

Ive also read of improving oil return gallery's and openings ... is there a standard approach here to improve oil back to the sump and over the gearbox.
Or is all 'secret mens business' ..

Cheers All

Peter S
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Re: Oil Pump - Improved Performance

Post by BevHevSteve »

first off, please read this writeup by Kevin Bracken as he talks about oil flow etc.


For an oil pump, I stock them from Vee Two.

https://store.bevelheaven.com/V2-Oil-Pu ... ound-Case/

Vee Two Oil Pumps are machined from High Density, Heat Treated Aluminium to exacting tolerances. Pump gears are machined from high grade steel and individually matched for maximum oil delivery. The pump is supplied with oil pump gears, surface ground backing plate and rubber sealing gasket.

Machined from billet 6061 T6 aluminium to far tighter tolerances than the OEM part so you get better performance. Compared to an OEM pump, you have about 5 % better in both flow and pressure. This is only because they are made to the correct tolerances the factory specified.

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