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There is more to Bevel Heaven than just this forum.....
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Bevel Heaven is on Twitter & Facebook

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Bevel Heaven is now on Twitter as well as on Facebook..... to sign in or sign up then add us to your list...

You will be notified when new products arrive, special sales, what shows we will be attending, special events, but most importantly, you will know FIRST when hard to find, limited stock, unobtainium parts arrive to our warehouse....

Our BUSINESS Facebook fan page is here, plese check it out and click the "LIKE" button if you approve 8) ... 4919108234

Bevel Heaven owner Steve Allen's facebook page is here: click to sign in or sign up to "friend" me so you can see what I have posted. Thus far I have been posting various new info regarding Bevel Heaven as well as select images from my photography business - AMA, MotoGP, IRL etc racing shots along with some vintage car races etc.
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