G'day from Melbourne

Please say HELLO and tell us about yourself, your bike[s] and where you are located etc...
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G'day from Melbourne

Post by redorca10 »

Hi Folks,
Just joined today. I've got a cantankerous 40yo Pantah 500SL which has no respect for my emotional well being.
I am in the process of cleaning and rebuilding the carbs and getting her back on the road.
Thanks to the instruction pdfs available on this site I have felt brave enough to attempt them myself.
Hopefully I maybe able to post a small amount of advice along the way.

Cheers Alistair.
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Re: G'day from Melbourne

Post by smellybeard »

How was it when you laid it up?
How is the ignition - mine is banjaxed.
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Re: G'day from Melbourne

Post by BevHevSteve »

"no respect for my emotional well being"


Thats a good one.... once you get those carbs cleaned up and rebuilt with all new soft stuff inside, and then sync them up correctly, you should be good to go. Have fun and I'm glad to help you get your bike back out on the road again.
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