The Return of One of the Original BevelHeads

Please say HELLO and tell us about yourself, your bike[s] and where you are located etc...
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The Return of One of the Original BevelHeads

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Hi all - I was one of the original BevelHeads with Gene Rankin many years ago - we started as an offshoot of a 916 forum run by a gal in Florida (I forgot her name) back in the day of simple text forums and no fancy features like we have today - and came to want our own little list catering to Bevels which apparently is now quite large!

I own a '78 Darmah and live in the Great Northwest.

I bought my bike at Munroe Motors in San Francisco back in the early 90's. I was visiting the area and looking for interesting bikes so naturally wound up at Munroe. They must have had 75 bikes on the floor. I walked down the aisles and there were lots of great bikes but I walked right past a tri-color Darmah and thought it was sort of ugly. But then I stopped and looked again and liked what I saw. I asked Pat if he could start it up for me. He said "Well I have to get Nick out here to go through the ritual." Nick came out and tickled the carbs, primed the kick starter a few times and gave it a swift kick - the entire building was indundated by the incredible sound of the Bevel engine with 40mm DelOrto's and Contis - everyone in the place came and gathered around to see what was making such a beautiful opera of noise. Nick revved it up a few times and then shut it off. I looked at Pat and said "I will take this bike, Sir." $4200 cash exchanged hands and I was the owner of one of the most classic motorcycles in history!

I don't have a good pic of the Darmah but here is one of me with my Ducati 916 SPS. Cheers!
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Re: The Return of One of the Original BevelHeads

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The CONTIs on a bevel drive will get you every time.....
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