More Italians in Seattle

Please say HELLO and tell us about yourself, your bike[s] and where you are located etc...
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More Italians in Seattle

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Hi All,
Have a herd of little Italians that keep me busy, but now starting on a couple Duc projects. My first single was a 160 Monza Jr, but damned if a little manual-referenced tune-up wasn't all it needed to become my favorited little bike - no deep dive was necessary. But now that I've just buttoned up my 98 Bronco engine, I need a little guidance.
Also have a few bevel singles waiting to be brought home, so thought I'd try to get my beak wet here.
Thanks in advance.

All shapes and sizes: Bronco 98 to an E900 (Elefant) with Guzzis from 125 to an 850 Polizia cruiser, Morini & Benelli 350s and an old Vespa I can't seem to shake. ...and 2 Fiats (124 and 128).
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Re: More Italians in Seattle

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welcome aboard
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