Darmah down under

Please say HELLO and tell us about yourself, your bike[s] and where you are located etc...
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Darmah down under

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Hi all, my love for the Bologna blasters started last century and in that time I have owned two bevels (S2 which became an Alchemy) a 750 Paso, a 888 and recently a 1977 Darmah I intend to restore. The bike has been modified by a previous owner and appears to run strong. The handle bars and SSD style pegs have made way for original items in a quest to make it more comfortable.

Unfortunately I don't have the correct kick starter (mine is the shorter curved GT type) and toes suffer for it, I will find one one day either that or I cut and weld the one I have. Unfortunately it has no starter motor but the case / housing is there so when I source one that will go in. It is currently painted a red / gold combination in the SSd style which is ok and I can live with for now.
Will probably ask a number of silly questions thanks for the add. I think I added the picture ok.
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Re: Darmah down under

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1977 , Must have a low number then.
Pity about the original wheels and discs but now EBC floaters on the FPS wheels. Nice touch :-D
Starter probably dumped because the starterclutch went bad. Nothing that can't be fixed.
Conti 2-1 ?

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Re: Darmah down under

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Welcome aboard
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Re: Darmah down under

Post by Gardner »

Hi Converted Duc, curious, were foot peg mounts added/welded to the frame to use the SSD set up?
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