Dre decade dormant Darmah

Please say HELLO and tell us about yourself, your bike[s] and where you are located etc...
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Dre decade dormant Darmah

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Hey all,
Just retired after 37 years of military service so I'm going through my project list. Back in '82 I bought a 1978 Darmah from a guy I was stationed with in New Mexico. Brought it to England with me in '83 and did a hot rod build while there. Returned home to Vermont in '85 where I moved to Burlington in '87 to work full time with the Air National Guard. Bought a home, took in a roommate who rewarded me by selling my Campagnolo wheels/brakes and fairing with mounts and other bits to a local motorcycle mechanic to repair his 900ss. I was on a deployment when this happened. The roommate moved out stiffing me 2 months rent, a $600 phone bill and no, I never saw any of the $400 he took for the bike parts.
Fast forward to 2010. Relocated to South Carolina now working with the SC Air National Guard I start working the Darmah. I found a set of EPM wheels and brought the frame to a guy in Tennessee that advertises frame repairs/straightening/mods and wheel repair. He may well have had someone that could do that work when his business was in Michigan but not in Tennessee. I only wanted the frame de-raked from 32 degrees to 28 degrees. He charged me $1300 to ruin the frame. The only reason I paid was to get my engine back.
I just got another frame out of New York so I am moving forward again and will have many questions for all of you who are more Ducatisti than I. I have the bike and will build it nicely but my main passion is my Great Lakes biplane. I am a pilot, airframe/powerplant mechanic with welding repair station on my certificate. I also have a grass airstrip here on the property with a 44' x 72' hangar/shop pretty well equipped for any type of metal repair and fabrication.
I am looking forward to the build and technical exchanges here. This forum may also prove to be the motivation that makes me learn to post pictures on the computer.

Kindest Regards,
Dana LaBounty
Ashwood, South Carolina
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Re: Dre decade dormant Darmah

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instructions for posting pix here

welcome aboard
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