Please say HELLO and tell us about yourself, your bike[s] and where you are located etc...
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Hello everyone,
Just joined up and am hoping to get technical help and info as I learn this forum.
I am currently relacing both front and rear wheels on my 65 Monza and would like verification on the inch/lb torque settings for the spokes.
Some background ...I have owned this bike since the 80s after buying it from by brother. Racked up many miles then did a restoration/conservation job on it. When it took first at one of Will Stoners events in its class (many years ago) I figured it was time to put it under glass. Im starting to show it again and getting ready for the swap meet in Ohio. When I figure out how to do it ill will post some pics.
By the way i was running over sized Yokohamas but am now trying to find the original tread pattern at the proper 3.00 x 18 and 2.75 x 18 sizes. It would be great to get lower bars and a seat closer to the scrambler or such, just to lower it a bit. That of course would make me feel guilty because right now it is pretty much stock except some bucco additions that came with the bike.

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Re: Introduction

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Welcome aboard
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