Old chap from Belgium

Please say HELLO and tell us about yourself, your bike[s] and where you are located etc...
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Old chap from Belgium

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Hi everybody,

Just bought a 750 GT.
It's about ...half a century that I did not own a bike (!), actually the exact same model of Ducati. I am delighted of course. You can understand that I'm not a youngster but more some kind of revenant, I wanted to retrieve my sensations of these early days, not too late, life may be short.

My experience of motorcycling is indeed quite old and limited, basically only two bikes (I except the occasional riding on rental bikes during vacations). My first one was a Honda CB 125, as soon as I was old enough to have it. Then a year later, spending all the cash I had accumulated, jumping to the real stuff, buying one of the early 750 GTs available from the factory (actually difficult to get one in 1972) as this represented for me the summum of the bikes at that period. Unfortunately I sold it two years later (big mistake!) to buy a car as I had to move with all my stuff for a new job. And later on, never came back to motorcycling for many reasons.

Long time afterwards, career and family issues settled, I decided to reward myself and progressively acquired a few vintage cars, the ones I was also dreaming of when a child. That also seemed easier than coming back to motorcycling. Now retired and living in Brussels (Belgium), I have a couple of early E-Types and a Maserati Indy, enjoying them, driving and restoring (I do myself some maintenance and repairs but entrust specialists for serious work). I believe that the 750 GT is the last stone of my personal motoring adventure, back to two wheels, aiming at reviving early days' feelings. Just received it today. I will have to rediscover it, prepare it for registration and then back to road!

I believe I am lucky to have found in Germany and acquired such an early and rare roundcase bevel (it's a sandcast), also completely restored including mechanicals, although I don't know exactIy what work was performed. I also know that a few parts are non original (e.g. missing L-kickstart lever, wrong dashboard and instruments, modified braking system, Dellortos PHF32 with no airbox, etc.) but overall the bike looks to be in super condition, checked by a Ducati specialist, and ready to be driven.

Happy to join your community, first participating as an humble reader to learn, and later on hoping to share and contribute when I can.
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Re: Old chap from Belgium

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wow - fantastic story and fantastic bike, Serge. Welcome aboard, thanks for joining.
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