Sump Screen 750 Roundcase

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Sump Screen 750 Roundcase

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Hi All,

I wanted to replace the Sump Screen (filter) so I ordered a modern metallic one with an internal magnet. It turns out that it is a bit shorter than the original one that I had. I also noticed that in my engine I did not have that rubber bushing at the end, so I then ordered one.

I was concerned that the rubber bush was maybe somewhere in the engine. But comparing the old sump screen with the new shorter one with the rubber bush at the end, it is actually the same length.
So I guess my engine was not fitted with such a bush. Could this be? Any issue if I replace the old sump screen with the shorter one and the rubber bush?

I am also wondering if the rubber bush will fit well inside. The little 10mm grubscrew underneath the engine does not really protrude so will probably not lock the rubber bush properly in place.

Should I install it anyway?

Old vs new sump screen.
Old vs new sump screen.
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