860GT Clutch Basket play , excessive?

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860GT Clutch Basket play , excessive?

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Hi Everybody,
I have the clutch out of the 860GT. I put a new locking tab washer and torqued the nut to spec. I was going to put the clutch plates in and I noticed some rock in the basket. Is this normal until the clutch plates and springs put pressure on the basket? In the sense of seating it home and holding it?

I pulled the hub and determined that the rocking motion is in the basket and the outer races of its ball bearings. the inner race does not rock. Might these be high thrust bearings and they do not find home without thrust??

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Re: 860GT Clutch Basket play , excessive?

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I don't know but this doesn't make sense to me as the drum is a driven 'gear'. I would expect it to be locked solidly on the mainshaft and not rock at all. I pulled my old Haynes manual out and note that I had added hand drawings of two washers to the diagram of the exploded gearbox and clutch. This had to be based on what I found when I pulled it apart in '82. I also note that the Haynes diagram is not the same as the one on Ducati Classics; it has the diagram for the '75-'77 750/900 SS instead. The Ducati Classics 860GT picture shows two washers and a circlip. Weird.
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Re: 860GT Clutch Basket play , excessive?

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Better change the bearings, when getting of the line the primary puts some sideload on the basket and it could rub against the crankcase.

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