The Forum Is BAAAaaaack..............

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The Forum Is BAAAaaaack..............

Post by BevHevSteve »

OK yes, my forum has been MIA for a couple months.... Yes. :doh:

Anyways, long story short, I had a server melt down and thought I had lost *everything* but thanks to a person a whole lot smarter than I in all things SERVER ADMIN..... I now have a completely new server, my store is 100%, my museo website is now 100% and, the forum is 100%...

Back at it people - thanks for your patience
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Craig in France
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Re: The Forum Is BAAAaaaack..............

Post by Craig in France »

Well done, bud! <> . Thanks. -*!^-

(Me, I know nuttin' about internet technology, so any rescue has to be a good 'un!)
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