Whoopsey Daisey....

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Whoopsey Daisey....

Post by BevHevSteve »

Technology. Ya gotta love it. Or not.

The good folks at phpbb recently provided a major update to this program and we attempted to do the update, same as we always have and well, things didn't quite go as planned. Long story short, we followed all instructions and did a backup of the database first then got busy adding and replacing files.

Thats when things got ugly. When all was said and done, we Somehow had lost 3 years of posts meaning the newest post showing was from mid 2017 with the newer part of the db corrupted. Argh.

Anyways, you can now once again log in and have at it though, but the last backup we had done was late December 2020. So, if you started a new topic or registered after that time please do so again. Sorry for the hassle but believe me, I have more of a hassle with the thing over the past 4 daze than you could have possibly had.

But that's why I get paid the big bucks (not). 😱

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Re: Whoopsey Daisey....

Post by Craig in France »

No worries, Steve. I guessed something had stuffed up somewhere ....

Thanks for sorting it out. As you say: "Technology" Who'd have it? "

All the best

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