Carb set up for belt SS

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Carb set up for belt SS

Post by LaurieTwoValve »

Can anybody help!

I've got a much loved and well worn '91 SS belt (the one with upside down forks and micky carbs (origionally)

In its latest incarnation I've had the heads ported and flowed by one of the top blokes in the UK, I'm running arias high compression pistons, carbon cans (D+D) and some handling mods, now to the problem.

I've ditched the micky carbs and fitted 40mm Delorto's from my box of spares for my bevel, with the correct manifolds and K and N cone filters.
I'm getting a lot of conflicting advice about jetting. The thing is running so rich its wetting plugs. I started off with stock bevel settings, but the accelerator pumps are confusing things, there is so much blow back (of mixture in droplet form) I'm concerned about a fire risk. I've tried with and without the fuel pump, float height, ignition timing,fuel seats, going up jet size going down jet size, mains, primaries, you name it. At the moment a match seems a good idea.
Now I'm being told to go for 36mm carbs. Anyone any ideas?

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I don't know much about post-'85 bikes but 36's do sound like an option
by the sounds of the problems your having.

You say you started with basic bevel tuning, what was the routine you

You may have already read this and it may not be exactly what you
need but then again it could be... ... c.php?t=10

Steve posted it a while back, and you may have seen it but better I point
it out than just assume you did.
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