Problem with idling

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Problem with idling

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Hello everybody, this is my first post on this forum. I am driving a stock 93 mod 907ie wich the last couple of years have had a problem idling, the problem appears both with warm and cold engine it just make no diffrence. At idle it runs ony a few seconds before it dies.

My mechanic have tried fixing it a couple of times without any sucess and have run out of ideas I think, what he says is that it seem to be the rear cylinder that dies..

The bike has new plugs and filters (fuel&oil&air). Valves are adjusted and within spec., I have tried adding CRC in the fuelsystem to clean the injection jets without any noticeable effect.
Im not sure but i think the engine is running a bit hotter than it used to do before.

Except this problem it runs great so i really hope someone has a good advice on this.
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