MBP collet for 900 SS

If you need technical information or help with your Paso based 2 valve 900 Ducati engine - post your FAQs, comments & questions here.
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MBP collet for 900 SS

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I just read the information about the MBP collets that are for sale here

I have a few questions.
Do these collets also have to be replaced at every service like the standard half rings ?

I recently bought a 1994 900 SS and the service interval for valve clearance is every 7500 KM
so what would the increase between service intervals be when using the MBP collets ?

and another question is about the oil to be used in the engine
would the Motul 3100 4T that is suitable for bevel drive engines also be good for the belt driven engines ?
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the original half rings

... need to be replaced often as they squish down changing the valve clearances. Ducati now recommends to replace them all at each service.

When you use the MBP collets [DVRS]

.... you can see in the photo above the difference - the DVRS system does not rotate, they do not deform, the valve clearance will not change. Guy Martin [the inventor] has been running these in race engines going the entire season and not touching the valves. On street engines he has them going more than 26 thousand miles and no changes yet.

It is safe to say that the $125 invested will save thousands in the long run just in decreased maintenance and labor costs on bevel drives or modern Ducati engines.

Regarding the 3100 MOTUL 10w40 - nothing wrong with using this excellent oil in modern Ducatis - this is why we stock it actually.
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Post by Peter Mille »

Any more experiences/comments on these collets, specialy on Beveltwins.
I´m still not sure, if I should get them for my Mille....
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I don't have them in my Bevel but I do have a set in my F1 and they work beautifully.The F1 has the NCR#7 cams and it used to break the stock collets with regularity due to the rather sudden timings and 10k + revs used. The closers haven't changed since they were installed a couple race weekends and three trackdays ago. I recommend them highly.
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