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If you need technical information or help with your Paso based 2 valve 900 Ducati engine - post your FAQs, comments & questions here.
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Reg/Rec help

Post by HughM »

Hi everyone - new to the forum.

Can anyone tell me how to wire up an Electrex RR51 reg/rec to my 1980 900SS?

I've got the easy bit - yellows to alternator, red/green to battery, but with the white connected to the charge light, via the brown lead (originally from the old reg/rec), I get zilch - no nothing anywhere (spark, lights, etc).

Any clues? I am useless at electrics, so be gentle with me!

Thanks. I'm going to bed now - it's nearly midnight. Hopefully the electrics elf will answer my call!!! (Guess who's been reading Harry Potter)

Hugh, Cardiff, Wales, UK
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