Jetting for 36 Dellortos?

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Jetting for 36 Dellortos?

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I have a 1990 750 Sport with 36 Dellortos, and have some concerns about the jetting. I have copies of two different articles that put 36 Dells on that motor, and one recommends 135 mains, and another recommends 155 mains. I currently have a 138 and a 145, which doesn't seem right. Any insight as to where I should start? What's in your Dells?

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Jetting for 36 Dellortos

Post by c21torlone »

I have (2) 36 Dellortos on my 750 Paso and had the same issue out of the box as you. My "kit", designed for my application, came with two carbs set up completely differently...nice.
After asking everyones' opinions at the time, I settled on 150 Mains in both carbs, F36 Tubes, 170 Air Bleeds, and 60 Idles. My bike, with K&Ns/Cobra Exhaust and in healthy condition, performs as it should. I have instant starting with just a touch of choke, the sparkplugs look clean and even, and it idles, accelerates and cruises without issue.
Hope this helps!
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