gilardoni cyl.

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gilardoni cyl.

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can anyone help here. I was cleaning this awesome 1986 f1 I own and came across gilardoni on the cyl head. are these what ducati used or is it a aftermarket head. I can find lots of literature for other makes but no ducati.

thanks everyone
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Re: gilardoni cyl.

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Where is it stamped?, I will look on the bike I just recently bought
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Re: gilardoni cyl.

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Most of the castingworks were done at other firms, not inhouse.
Gilardoni did the heads and cylinders and maybe some other parts.
They made some batches of special cylinders for the belt-engines (350->550 and 600->700) together with some piston-firms.
I'm not sure but I think the very first cylinders and heads were anonymous (no stamp) but I can't check that right now.

Only one that can deliver aftermarket heads right now seems to be Red Fox ;-)

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