1977 Desmo 500 Lost Spark

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1977 Desmo 500 Lost Spark

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No spark ......No key either ....I have the Red wire and gray wire connected....screw driver jumping the solenoid.....it's cranking over....Carbs are shooting gas....But no spark....I replaced the Plugs, put in a fuse, NaDa Sparka........I have a spare Solenoid should I try that? If anyone has any input that would be great ....Wiring is all original (could be that i guess).......I just wanna go for cruise around the block
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Post by DaleMclean »

:oops: Have you checked the kill switch??
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I would suggest that you start with seeing how far back up the wiring loom you have to go to find 12v, from the contact breaker.

With the tank off and the ignition on, check that you have 12v at each of the coils - if not then follow back to kill switch and then the initial feed to the kill switch from the ignition switch.

You could in addition be looking at failed coils, condensors, plugs or dirty points - all are potential causes - I have just had the lot on a 350 single that i am playing with.

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