Bevel Heaven Forum Rules - Click & Read To Get Activated

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Bevel Heaven Forum Rules - Click & Read To Get Activated

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:rad: Everyone MUST go through the following 2 step process to get your account activated:

1) Click the REGISTER link on top/right side of this page & follow these simple instructions.

* We have a lot of members, the username you choose might already be used so be prepared to choose something else if you get a message relating to 'username already exists' or 'incorrect or mismatched password' etc when you try to register....

2) After you register, you WILL get a confirmation email.

You must hit REPLY to this confirmation email & answer the following 2 questions:

1: What project(s) do you own that you are seeking help with?
2: What country are you located in?

If you do not follow the instructions above, your registration will be ignored / deleted and you will not be able to participate in this forum.

:10-HUT: No more automatic activations due to your admin having to spend too much time deleting out spammers that have signed up and posted crap on our forum - sorry for the drama - do the above simple steps and we will get you activated ASAP.

Thank You - Steve Allen
Bevel Heaven Owner & Club Bevel Heaven Admin


Welcome to the vintage DUCATI Forums.

:idea: SIGNING UP: You must register to post on this forum. After you complete the registration process, look for an email within a min or 2 which you MUST hit REPLY to and answer the above 2 questions in order to get activated. If you do NOT see this email in your inbox, check your SPAM or JUNK email folder as it may have got sucked up into one of those places. Once registered, please click the radio button near where you sign in that says "Log Me On Automatically" [or whatever specifically it says] so you don't have to go through the log on step every time you visit the forum!

Ciao Ducatisti ~

These forums are here for the common enjoyment and benefit of all Vintage Ducati enthusiasts around the globe to aide in the restoration or resurrection of vintage Ducatis. My name is Steve Allen [USA] and as the website owner & admin of this forum I would like to welcome you aboard and wish you luck in getting the info you are seeking, and thank you in advance for posting info that others are seeking. Thanks goes to Chris Shannon [Australia] and to Dan Arnold [Canada] for help setting the forum up way back in the beginnings of Bevel Heaven for all of us to enjoy. This is a global effort folks, for our global community.

Some simple guidelines have been prepared to make it easy to post and search for information.

1) To ensure that we can all easily find information when we need to, carefully consider where you post and how you title your post.

2) The technical sections of this forum ('BevelHeaven Garage' and 'BevelHeaven Restoration Shop') have been designed to establish an ongoing quality reference tool for all present and future Ducati enthusiasts.

3) If you wish to post non-technical comments, please use the forums within the 'BevelHeaven Cafe'. Please do not post non-technical information in the technical sections.

4) Before starting a new thread anywhere, please go through the forum or use the SEARCH function to see if what you are looking for has already been answered.

5) If you didn't find the info you seek and wish to begin a new discussion thread, give it a meaningful title in the most appropriate section so that it serves its purpose of providing all of us with high quality easy to find information.

6) Workshop and parts manuals, articles, etc., can be added to the main web site for easier referencing. Contact Steve Allen to make arrangements ---> Shop <at> BevelHeaven <dot> com if you have some good stuff that needs to be added in the VIRTUAL MUSEUM section of the site.

7) You must keep your posts relevant and related to the section where you are posting. If you want to update an older topic you started etc, DO NOT START A NEW THREAD - just reply to your original post - remember, that topic will then move to the top of the list so it will get noticed.

That said ;) Most importantly, we want you to enjoy the forums and appreciate the people you will meet, the information you will find and the reason for the existence of these forums in the first place; to provide a global source of quality information for all Ducati Bevel Head and Pantah Head enthusiasts searching for restoration guidance.

<....> Now to the nitty gritty.....

:10-HUT: The administrators of this forum reserve the right to delete any comments or threads or users which they consider to be offensive, inflammatory, discriminatory, off-topic or generally rude in nature. Civil behavior is mandatory on this forum at all times by everyone involved. Personal attacks WILL NOT be tolerated and abusers of this rule will be banned from posting on this forum. Please keep the language clean - profanity will not be tolerated.

8) The admins of this forum will delete out posts that are deemed inappropriate, not related to anything, idiotic, etc at their discretion. The purpose of this forum is to provide a MEANINGFUL place to post IMPORTANT RESTORATION & TECHNICAL INFORMATION. We want it to stay this way. Idiotic behavior will not be tolerated. Don't be a Richard Cranium and you will be fine.

And if you still don't get it:

Hint #1. Almost nobody ever changes their opinion of another person as a result of a message you send criticizing him. They are more likely to change their opinion of you.

Hint #2. If you said it once, and nobody listened, saying it again louder and more forcefully is not going to change anything.

+!!!+ SPAMMERS - you *will* be deleted and banned from this forum if you sign up as a member for the purpose of spamming this audience with ANY non-Ducati diatribe OR if you post a link to any non-DUCATI related website OR if you post ANYTHING pornographic or illegal. Period. End of discussion. You have been warned.

:arrow: VENDORS - Posting or sending PM's about anything for sale, posting a link to your business website in your profile or sig or advertising your business in any way is against the rules of this board if you are a business - period. However, if you wish to become a 'supporting vendor' then you can post whatever you want regarding your business and items for sale. Email us to discuss your options.

* This includes any 'vendor-like' behavior by non vendors too.. ie. selling new parts, selling continually updated long lists of parts etc If you are not sure about something you wish to do, send an email and ask before posting your item(s) for sale.

*Play Nice People*

Mille Grazie!
Steve Allen ~

__?__ PS - if you need help signing up or posting, click on the FAQ button on the top of any page. You can also search this forum using the search button above a well.

:arrow: Lastly, this forum does indeed place cookies on your computer. But, it happens so that you can sign in directly etc. This site, the forum, the authors of the forum software,, Steve Allen or anyone connected with this deal will never do ANYTHING with your email address or other personal information - period. Your information will NEVER be given away, sold, or otherwise distributed in any matter. Ever.


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