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Great Resource!

Post by tspeyer »

Just wanted to thank you for setting up Bevelheaven & introduce myself. The site/form is a great resource, and should contribute to the preservation/restoration of many a vintage Ducati.

I stumbled upon an old Ducati (now believe it to be a '68 or so Mark 3D - though I didn't know when I bought it and wheeled it over to my house) in a neighbor's basement, and bought it, throwing caution to the winds. I've got some basic mechanical skills, but no experience with bike restoration, much less 60's vintage Ducatis. Seeing your site is an instant confidence-builder though. I can now see that most of the parts and resources I'll need are quite readily available, many directly from your site.

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Post by BevHevSteve »

Hey thanks! You know, there are a lot of folks who know these bikes inside out around the globe. Some of them are members of this forum. My hope is that all the experts out with knowledge to share etc will find this place and post their info so that everyone will benefit from their expertise. Viva La Bevel-ution babee!
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