1975 860 GT swingarm mystery

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1975 860 GT swingarm mystery

Post by rjk40 »

Need help solving a mystery, or at least tell me where to go, please.

The swingarm on my bike does not match either my Haynes drawing or the parts manual drawing.

Both of the above drawings mentioned show two "tangs" on the top of the swingarm for the shock mounts, and one more for the torque arm tube on the top as well. Also, the grease fitting is shown on top, on one end.

My bike's swingarm, however, has the torque arm tube mounting tang on the bottom of the swingarm, and has an additional tang, not shown in either drawing , on the bottom as well (for what?), and I cannot find a pic that matches mine.

Before I drill for a grease fitting in the center of the arm, I want to make sure that I can solve the disparity between my bike's swingarm and the pics in the parts manual and Haynes manual.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: 1975 860 GT swingarm mystery

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a picture is worth a thousand words `-*
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