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Please Read

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if you start a new topic or reply to someone and wish to easily post a photo or 3, look at the bottom box for a tab that says UPLOAD ATTACHMENTS. Click it then click BROWSE which will allow you to find the photo you wish to upload onto the forum. Click the image file you want to upload then click ADD THE FILE and follow the instructions. Look above for your image file name and choose the button that says PLACE INLINE. -> Please size your photos smaller than 700 pixels wide to begin with so we can see what it is you are loading up...

That said, I would prefer it if you have your own webspace to load your photos on. All you have to do is to upload your photos on a website somewhere then you call out the actual URL or internet address where it is posted for it to show up.

Generally, your ISP [Internet Service Provider] offers free webspace when you have an account setup, please ask them how to upload your photos onto your ISP server.

If you need to upload images somewhere, some good and easy sites to do so are : or or or or or or .... You get the idea. Just upload the pics from the camera to your PC then go to one of the sites and click the 'Browse' button. Select the image to upload and hit 'Upload'. Repeat for as many images as you need.

We seem to be having trouble using and for uploading your photos so I suggest you find other places.

Now that your photos are loaded up somewhere, post your message here on the forum. Then write down the complete URL [address] of the photo you want to post, highlight it then click on the button above that says "Img". This will insert the proper html code so that you will view the photo after hitting REVIEW or SUBMIT.
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