1980 900 SS Coughing when cold

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1980 900 SS Coughing when cold

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I have been meaning to ask this question since early in the Spring here in the Northeast. Whenever I fire up my 1980 900 SS in cool weather, I notice that upon acceleration of the carbs that the engine coughs. Sort of like a mutted backfire through the carbs. I have to thoroughly warm the engine for at least 5 minutes to avoid this. The ignition is set at factory specs and the ignition pick-up wires have been changed to the new heat resisting type. Once warmed it runs very stong and idles perfectly. Anybody have an idea if this is carburetion, ignition, or valve clearance? Thanks!
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Re: 1980 900 SS Coughing when cold

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Maybe have a look around inlet manifold seals. Always pays to sniff around the simple things first. These are well documented to perish and allow air to take a short cut. If no joy there perhaps check the the choke cables (if you have the same set up as my 82 model) are allowing your choke mechanism to fully seat home and seal the enrichment circuit. I look to have just a tad of free play there when the choke is turned off.
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