Dellorto carb fitment

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Dellorto carb fitment

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Hi I have a 73 GT and have kept the regulator on the plate at the left hand side of the bike near the key. I know it should use Amals but it came with Dellorto's.

The battery tray had been cut to accommodate the rear carb. I had the tray repaired and thought I could avoid a repeat of this by using the inlet manifold of a 750 Sport. I have now run into the same clearance issue as the previous owner. I have no wish to cut the tray but at present see no way around this. I could relocate the regulator to the battery tray as per the 1974 model

My question is whether anyone out there is also running dellortos with the regulator in the original position and if so how did achieve sufficient space for the rear carb?
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