1978 900ss carbs?

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1978 900ss carbs?

Post by gregwgsxr »

Ok so the original carbs off the 900ss got a little hot!
Well a little! they were partially melted as the original bike had been in a fire and the carbs were BER! FUBAR!
I did manage to save the ali tops, float bowls, and jets (more to see what it was originally running).
Now the question/dilemma should i look for some original 40mm dellortos? that have been around for a long time and are potential knackerd? Or go for some new ones?

Or someone have some good ones they want to sell me? :)
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Re: 1978 900ss carbs?

Post by ducadini »

I think those are still available , except for the alu tops : keep them.
Carefully change (if needed) the injector plastics.

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Re: 1978 900ss carbs?

Post by BevHevSteve »

Only you can decide what you want to do about your carb purchase.

I keep brand new PHM40AS/AD carbs on the shelf for sale.

https://store.bevelheaven.com/Dellorto/ ... -Set-pair/

I also have a set of the same carbs with old style new old stock float bowls, the deep bowl nuts, aluminum fuel banjos etc already installed for sale.

https://store.bevelheaven.com/Dellorto/ ... -Bowl-Nut/
You can of course, install your original aluminum top caps on these without a hitch.

I also stock these deep float bowl nuts, plus whatever else you could possibly need to rebuild / restore your original carbs. Click either link above, then choose CARB & FUEL RELATED form the category list on the left, and you will see a dozen or so sub categories for just carb parts. I may have a set of rebuildable PHM40AS/AD carbs that I have already cleaned up and blasted if you need to go that route. I can sell just the bodies or put them back together like I always do then sell them to you complete. eMail me directly so we can work out what you need offline.
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