1981 Ducati 900ss Restoration

Post pictures of your twin cylinder Bevel Drive Ducati (pre-1985) along with a description here.
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1981 Ducati 900ss Restoration

Post by Blackandgold »

This one was a slow process and a big learning curve.

These pics were taken a few months back when the project was finished. I’ve since been riding a lot, ironing out the kinks. I wasn’t prepared for the constant maintenance these older bikes require, but it’s been worth it :)

This bike was found by my father in a farm garage in central Australia, where it had been sitting for over 20 years. He had striped her down and was almost half way through the restoration when he was suddenly killed by a falling tree in 2015.

I took over the restoration. The frame had been straightened and a lot of the major parts had been cleaned and painted. I had the engine put together for me then completed the rest. I had some help as well with the wiring loom and also a final check over by a professional.

There were some initial issues getting her started, but after many head scratching moments, she came to life. It was a proud moment to see all those hours of work and frustration come to fruition. And above all, to see my father’s last project finished :)

Hope you enjoy the pictures, I can’t tell you how fun this is to ride.

More pics here... could'nt upload more than three... https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/h59pq9lo ... hfcd0&dl=0
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Re: 1981 Ducati 900ss Restoration

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nice bike - even nicer that it was your pop's bike....
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