Ducati TT2 - update photo

Post pictures of your Pantah Head [Taglioni designed rubber band head] Ducati along with a description here.
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Ducati TT2 - update photo

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I recently completed a restoration of this Ducati after a year of work in my shop. This bike was brought into Canada by Franco Romanelli in the mid 80's as a complete bike or parts I'm not sure.

The bike has many original tt2 parts including: Verlicchi frame, Verlicchi exhaust, all electrics including the push button Motoplat starter solenoid, gold Brembo 05 calipers, tt2 fiberglass, magnesium Marzocchi forks and Marzocchi pvs1 shock. The motor is an early 650SL Pantah motor with very little time on it. The wheels are EPM alloy and the fuel tank is hand made aluminum.

After a complete rebuild of the motor. I replaced the stock flywheel with a Nichols aluminum flywheel. I replaced the square tooth timing belts with the modern round profile belts. I replaced the stock conrods with Carrillo rods. I Replaced the stock pistons with the ferraci pistons when I could not find new 82mm rings. I have replaced the stock motoplat coils with dyna coils.




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Que cosa mas linda!!!!! :shock:
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Sweet, Dan ...

Very, VERY, sweet. They don't get much better than this, IMHO :)

Craig in UK
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