Speedline Crack Testing in Shropshire?

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Speedline Crack Testing in Shropshire?

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Evening everyone from Shropshire, UK (SY10) near Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Chester and the like.

I've been the happy owner of a first series 900 Replica for 10 years. Used this Forum a lot when restoring her.

I have now added a 1979 900SS to the stable, with Speedlines.

Sadly the specialist bike transporter in the UK, BikeBus by Caledonian Motorcycle Transport Company damaged the front wheel powder coat finish badly during transporting the bike here. They refused by offer to do all the stripping work myself and simply have them pay for the refurbishing and refuse to give me their insurance details for a claim so sadly we will be going to Court - I digress.

I have previously used Steve Turner at TPCS for the Hailwood Campagnolos and been very pleased indeed.

I'd prefer not to trust these wheels to a courier and its 12 hours of driving to go deliver them and go collect them at Steves.

I've found a specialist refurbishing company close to me with 35 years experience largely on car wheels, but he doesnt offer dye crack testing like Steve does.

Yes, I have read a lot about these wheels, including Mick Walkers report that there were early batches of Speedlines that were flawed and replaced under warranty which might suggest that any still in circulation are suitable for crack testing and riding. At the end of the day we each make our own decisions and yes, with crack testing I am going to ride them.

So thats the question - does anyone on the Forum know of a company that can crack test the wheels for me within a reasonable driving distance (75 miles) of SY10 in the UK before I have then Roger Bracewell, TheWheelRestorer.co.uk refurbish them locally in Wrexham.

Much appreciated in advance.

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