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Ducati 900 SS Darmah / SD - Wiringharness needed

Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2018 1:32 am
by Kilmer
Hi all,

I am in the process of restoring my 1980 Ducati 900 SS Darmah.
When original purchased, the bike had been fittet with a newer wiringharness, newer model LH/RH switches and another dashboard console / idiotlights.

It has been a royal PITA sourcing the original dashboard, original idiotlights and LH/RH switches.. never the less I'm just about done sourcing those items..

Via ebay i purchased a "complete" wiringharness only to conclude that both the dashboard part of the harness and the headlight part of the harness was missing. Both is connected to the main harness via the junction tugged away under the tank.

So - if any of you have either at 100% complete original harness or the below mentioned items, I would be more than thankfull to hear from you.
  • Dashboard harness (900 SD / 900 SSD) - it has a 9-pin primary connector and som loose wires if I remember correctly
  • Headlinght harness (900 SD ( 900 SSD) - i has a 6 pin primary connector and dont recall if i has loos wires also
  • Instruments harnesses for both ND - 2 bulbs each
Best regards,