Unleaded petrol

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Cucciolo - the Lil Pup
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Unleaded petrol

Post by drjon »

I would like some advice, I have a 900ss just back on the road.
In the Uk we can only get unleaded petrol do I use an additive, if so which one?
Or is there an alternative?

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Craig in France
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Unleaded fuel in the UK

Post by Craig in France »


Regular 95 unleaded is fine. If you're of a nervous dispositon or intending working up a lot of miles, you might want to use some additive such as Castrol Proplus, but I don't think it's really necesary ...

I did once fill with Shell Optimax, but the bike ran so badly I haven't repeated the experiment :) But try it - you ain't going to do any damage.


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Colin Linz
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Post by Colin Linz »

Shell Optimax is a great fuel, but it is denser than standard unleaded. If you want to use it you will need to rejet the carburettors, otherwise it will run too rich. From an octane perspective, normal unleaded should be fine; however the lack of lead in unleaded fuel can be a problem with older designed engines, because they relied on it as a form of lubrication for the valve train. If you are unsure about your engine just add a lead replacement additive to your fuel.
Colin Linz
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Post by duck-a-tye »

Here in Oz there is/was a lead replacement fuel which was total crap, (new plugs every couple of hundred ks) but now i use premium unleaded with additive and it seems fine.
Peter Mille
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Post by Peter Mille »

I use Millers VSP (valve seat protection) from Millers ( www.millersoils.com) in my '85 Mille.
It is one of the few lead replacements that will work, according to several tests in classic magazines etc.
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