Darmah gold stripe touchup

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Darmah gold stripe touchup


I am looking for some gold touch up paint for my 1980 900SD. Any tips? I am not trying to get a 100% perfect match i just want to get as close as possible. I have talked to paint shops and they just want to repaint.... the 78 year old man i bought it from accidently dented and chipped the front left corner of the tank wile he had it off to clean the carbs. other wise the paint is in ok shape i and in my opinion it dos not warrent a total repaint. thanks Alex G
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Re: Darmah gold stripe touchup

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The closest I found when restoring my 78 was 1976 Chrysler Gold Poly. Matched my original tank to near perfection. That said, I was never able to apply the paint poorly enough that it would match the original horrible paint. That is an art all in itself.

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