900 SSD Colour Codes - Post Here

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Brian Lees
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900 SSD Colour Codes - Post Here

Post by Brian Lees »

Anyone have a paint code for an 80 Darmah SS?
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colour code SSD

Post by BevHevSteve »

Hi Brian,

Any good painter will be able to colour match your stock and original bodywork. This is my suggestion..... and what I would do if you brought the bodywork to me when I had my resto shop....

I would take off the bodywork and find an area that has had the least exposure to the elements etc. I would take it over to my pro body shop supply house and try to find a match.

I would spray a test panel - these are checkered cardboard pieces with a hole in the middle, about 6" x 10". Spray out some colour, clearcoat it and bake it. Then take the panel outside, bend it around in the sun, compare it to the original and ask myself if it needed darkening or lightening. If yes, then mix up some more, do another test panel etc.

Once I got it how I wanted it, time to do the bodywork and prep, then spray away. Then make sure you send up your mix..... if it is right outof the can, just the brand and variety plus the actual colour code is needed. If you needed to darken or lighten a bit, then state what you used and what ratios etc....

There are thousands of paints out there, I would imagine something very close is available and would do it.

Remember, if you put all the SSD bikes in a row, most would be different in colour.... What is mixed up one day will be wildly different the next day's batch. And this is a 3 stage metalic most likely using todays technology so the colour is also affected by density, of how much paint you put down.. silver metalic, base colour then clear..... good luck!
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Post those colour codes here for members!

Post by Guest »

Hi Brian,

Sounds like Steve has some good advice there. If you could
post what you find out - brand and colour codes along with
some pictures of the sample colours here, that would be helpful
to other members.

BTW, you didn't mention what the basic colour scheme. Maybe
some details on that would assist members to help you out.
What colour scheme is it at present?

Thanks and good luck,

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Black Is Called 'Deep Black'

Post by Guest »

Black Is Called 'Deep Black'

According to Willem Koorn:

"My painter says it's ''Deep Black''. Every paint manufacturer makes
it under that name. Always use the 1 component stuff with a
separate laque layer to be sprayed on top. Forget about the 2
component stuff i.e. paint and laque in one time."

Thanks Willem!
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Craig in France
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SSD colour code

Post by Craig in France »

According to Luca Guala, this was a Fiat paint. He said he'd try and dig the reference out of his archives, but ...

Tony Brancato in the UK knows what it is - guess how I know :-) But whether he'd be prepared to give it up ...
Nico Georgeoglou
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900SSD colour code

Post by Nico Georgeoglou »

Hi Brian,

Here is the colour code you are looking for:

VW marathonblau-metallic (L96M)

Any car paint shop can prepare it for you.

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Re: 900 SSD Colour Codes - Post Here

Post by sjkiwi »

I know the SSD,s were meant to have come out in the one colour , but in the Ian Falloon book
standard catalog of Ducati motorcycles 1946-2005 pages 112-113 there are two pictures of SSD,s
one a 1978,must be late 78, and the other 1980. These look like two different colours of the ssd blue.
Does any bevelhead know if any came out with the black and gold colours, my 80 ssd is black and gold,
but maybe previous owner/s changed this . History of bike is pretty much unknown, all I know is last
owner had it 6-7 years and was like this when he got it .

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Re: 900 SSD Colour Codes - Post Here

Post by ColinS »

For some time I fancied getting an SSD because of the engine spec. compared to my 900 GTS but when seen in the flesh I was less than impressed with the solid blue "blobs" on the metallic blue background. To me, it just looked odd, weird even, so I passed on a couple of bikes until finding my current SSD, which the PO had repainted in the (in)correct scheme but with the "blobs" done in a tastefully contrasting metallic instead of the solid blue.


I know it's incorrect but I prefer it and if I were restoring an SSD I'd do it out in Black / Gold anyway.


Colin Steer
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