does S2 have same jets as 900SS?

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does S2 have same jets as 900SS?

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I'm looking at buying some new PHM40s for my S2; do they have the same jetting as a 900SS?
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Re: does S2 have same jets as 900SS?

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new 40s meaning, new to you old carbs or new dellortos as in what Bevel Heaven sells? ... -Set-pair/

These new style carbs do not use/need the same same jets, slides etc as the older carbs as they are somewhat different. The ones I sell bolt directly onto a 900SS or S2 or MHR etc that came with 40s and will be real close if not perfect as-is. There is no magic pill, so expect to do some fiddling around to see if something needs changing. Remember, altitude, state of tune on YOUR bike, choice of air filter/velocity stack as well as exhaust mufflers all have their own requirements.

So, buy them, install and sync and do ride. Then drop the needle or raise it and go again. Better or worse? Now do the opposite, better or worse? Really difficult to tell seat of the pants. and EGA and Dyno is the best to make minute effectual changes in jetting.
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