Question on Different ignition philosophies

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Question on Different ignition philosophies

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Relatively new member to the ducati world as I now have a pretty good ducati 450 SCR. I wanted to ask / generate a discussion around different ignition systems available for a 450, and which is the best for which application ( e.g. Reliability, racing, daily driver, stock carb/exh, etc.)

My knowledge of electrics isn't the best so I apologize for any redundancy or mis-quotes in advance.

I recently saw this system from c5 ignitions that has a visual indicator pick-up with a tri-spark coil ( If I could incorporate this into the bike it seems to me that this might be a very reliable system for daily driving and potentially even racing applications due to the fact that it is programmable for the advancement. Any thoughts?

I guess my question is are there any thoughts on how this compares to a CDI, or a mag pickup and dyna coil? Is there a CDI unit that fits the 450?

Again I apologize if this is common knowledge, just didn't see very many post in the single category.


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