Footrest broken off 900ss 1979

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Footrest broken off 900ss 1979

Post by DaveG »

Hi All,
Missed a bend at the weekend and the bike went down on the right side, pivoted on the footrest and then broke off. It seems to have broken at the braze on the frame.

I will now have to get it put back on, the question is : was it braised for a reason, or could I get it welded, it would seem to me that a weld would be stronger, or perhaps they are brazed on to act as a fuse rather than bending the frame at that point?

In any case I think I would at least need to remove the swinging arm to prevent the grease melting away (due to the heat) whatever fixing method I use?

Anyone done this that can comment?



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Re: Footrest broken off 900ss 1979

Post by Aussiess »

Something similar happened to me with my race bike, the mount on the frame was broken away.
We MIG welded it back in Situ at the track, used a leather apron to cover swingarm, and as you arent keeping huge heat focus on the weld, no issues with swingarm /grease. We did have a wet rag handy to cool things after a little while though.
Its still ok, and working fine. Actually have since made a rear set block which bolts to the original point and the leverage of this with repositioned pegs hasnt caused any issue either.
Braze would have been to just minimise heat through the frame, and possibly no MIG welders in the factory in the day?? The factory welds always look like a bird has done something! They probably had large Arc welders??
Anyway, good luck with it.
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