eBay-When will the INSANITY end?

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eBay-When will the INSANITY end?

Post by cafe*racer » Tue Mar 17, 2009 4:43 am

OK, I know this topic has crept into several threads in the past but I had to open this up in its own thread...for my own personal sanity. Where will it end :?: really, $750.00 and counting for a roundcase clutch cover, and a used one at that :!:

My GT got passed over on eBay five years ago, did not meet the reserve. I made a deal off eBay and bought it. Right now I could part out the engine alone and recover my purchase price and have enough left over for a trip to Europe and still put money in the bank :!:

How many $1,500.00 4777's and JOD's have to come out of the woodwork before people figure out that they are not all that rare after all :?: Too bad eBay makes bidder IDs anonymous. I miss the good old days when you knew who you were up against.

I am not beyond making a profit, I have bought on eBay and turned right around and sold the same item on eBay...for profit, sometimes very good profit. (have also given out some good deals to Bevelheads from the forum) I don't blame the sellers on eBay, more power to them.

But if I could figure out who some of these buyers are I would name them here for public humiliation and ridicule :twisted: ...because it seems to be the same small group. Did these people win the lottery, do they turn off their brains before turning on the computer, is there a new uncatagorized fetish whereby certain individuals derive pleasure from shelling out huge sums of cash for old motorcycle parts :?: If so, go fall in love with Jap. bikes, I understand their economy needs a little help now too.

I liked playing poker before it became a fad and I liked Ducati's before as well. I would surmise that those of us true Bevelheads will be around long after the neuvo riche collectors and fad follows have left the scene. I for one can only hope that happens sooner than later. We like our little niche, go away and leave us alone :!:

Then we can all go back to spending our money on resto. supplies from Steve Allen instead of chasing brain dead bidders on eBay. (I've got a big wish list myself and some day sooner than later, Steve, I am going to show up at your door with a brown bag full of green)

(getting off my soap box now, and feeling much lighter)

Is anyone else on the same page?

:arrow: the little moonie guy is supposed to be question marks...oh well, I think the message works either way :lol:

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Post by nottonight68 » Tue Mar 17, 2009 5:07 am

<> :*<doh>:|!!! >:|!!! >:|!!!
said this months ago-answer-get over it
in the words of a bloke here in oz who has a considerable stock of rare bevel parts-i wont sell to johnny come latelys-there wankers
sorry jordan but jod duplos are rare-but not worth 1300=2400-see above line
public humiliation?-would they care-these are the guys that pay 100k+ for a green frame-hey once the 75 900ss came out you couldnt even sell a750ss (not known as agf in those days)-hate to say it but they were considered crappy
the neuvo riche are here to stay-thats why i never sell anything and ive never bought anything on e bay and never will
power to the real ducatisti


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Post by austduke » Tue Mar 17, 2009 6:06 am

Well Ive just about given up on bidding with ebay. :roll: Sometimes I will bid but only to my limit . I think I can get better bargains and value elsewhere. Some of the prices are crazy. Good luck to those that sell and get a good price but I would rather buy from a retailer that has some sort of warranty/exchange policy or some other bevel enthusiast willing to help me whether Ive been interested for 30 minutes or 30 years.

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Post by MartinMille BANNED » Tue Mar 17, 2009 1:43 pm

You know sometimes we just dont have a choice , parts that have been out of production for 30 yrs or more are getting hard to come by , and if you just happen to be sourcing parts that you need for your rebuild or just wanting to have spares for ron (later'on) than just start saving and buy them as they come along

Jordan , I hate to say it but I think it might be a whiles before you get your Jod at under or near US$1k with so many bikes being parted out and others restored and than never ridding pi$$es me right of ! why restore something and than not ride it ? surely there are cheaper paper weights around

Here are some of my parts that I'm clearing out at the moment

SD Fuel tanks x 1
SD side covers x 4
SD NOS side covers x2
SD seat x 2
Whale Tail seat and Base x 1 Sold
900 Bevel Crank and Rods
SS - Rods
900 Bevel Barrels x 4
Genuine SS heads(1978) x 2 Good threads ,no broken fins, good exhaust threads - Deposit taken - waiting on full payment
Square case 900 matched cases x 1
SS (1978) Square case 900 matched cases number #087*** x 1 ---internal damage but repairable
6 dog gear box's complete x 2
78 elec engine side cover
SS kick start shaft good cond with no damage to teeth or splines
Alternator windings x 2
Starter motor
Alternator side covers x 2
SS Primary gear side cover Bosch engine
ND gauges my mistake they are Nipon Seiki gauges with the spedo being NOS
78 SD frame
38mm Marzocchi forks x 4
NOS 38mm x 600mm Fork tubes x 4
SD front and rear guards
SSD/MHR dash console x 2
SD/MHR Idiot lights last count about 50 odd --haven't started to convert them to LED yet
SD swing arm x 2
79 gear lever newly chromed - waiting to came back from the chromers
79 clutch lever newly chromed - waiting to came back from the chromers
32mm Delotortos and manifolds
6 bold MHR FSP rim rear needs paint
6 bolt FSP front rim needs paint
clutch side cover right hand side
SD complete tipple clamp
chrome Bosch head light shell
Complete clutch basket and center (no plates)
SD frame end covers
Bosch ign box's x 3
SD/SSD complete side stand

anything in this lot that anyone is looking for PM me

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Post by Aussiess » Tue Mar 17, 2009 7:20 pm

Hi guys,
I think this thread does make some sense and warrants comment.
I must admit I personnally am a bit of a fence sitter on this point. I have looked at the dark world of Ebay (and even had the GT listed on Ebay), I have purchased parts and been both happy with the outcome and really pi$$ed off with being ripped off totally by overseas suppliers that used ebay to sell something that until it arrived was meant to be something else!

I am probably like most of you "old timer" ducati owners and riders who has collected bits and pieces with the logic that "you never know when you are going to need it"! and end up with something resembling Alladins cave.
You hang on to the bits until one day someone needs something and you help them out or swap something for a bit you may or may not need more!
I have had great experiences trading or even receiving bits from other true ducatisti from this forum (OZ guys-Steve & Martin take a bow ) and have helped guys out where I can. maybe I wont get rich but I will sleep at night, maybe thats just what we do??
If people are trading to maintain a living, then OK, good luck to them , the market will continue to obtain whatever it will obtain. BUT, I hope we never really lose the spirit of comraderie in which we will help out another like minded person. Not just be ruled by the $$.
Maybe this is just an Australian thought process here, and I dont mean to be rude to our worldly ducatisti, as I am sure that throughout the world there are others like us, but I know this is stronger here than I see it elsewhere.
Its amazing, a mate had a major bender on his 75 750 GT a few weeks ago , and a few phone calls later we had a replacement front end, cases, wheels etc available to get him on the road again until he could afford to get it going again and find replacement parts. Now thats a Ducati owner spirit that I know and continue to foster among my mates.

Anyway, its positive that a forum like this enables us to keep the spirit alive and through all the newbys reading this maybe we keep the flame burning.

We can only dream eh.
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Post by nottonight68 » Wed Mar 18, 2009 2:31 am

summed up beautifully grant
ive been doin similar since first owning a duke-
friends of friends who rode a duke became your friends-we rode,partied and lived together-all because of ducati ownership.
most of my best mates back in the day owned dukes-we became mates through duke ownership-and were thick as thieves for years-but now we are all approaching 50 we have grown apart--but when we catch up its old mates tried and true
we all helped each other in our own way-whatever we could do---never a $ was made,only new friendships and life long bonds.
i will do and give for nothing-if i can-to a true bevelisti-but unlike the old days,i take time to assess someone i dont know because there are vultures around--you looked and sounded genuine--i sent u some marzochhi shocks free--hey i didnt need em--my pleasure is that ive helped someone and those shocks will not be trashed---maybe

but anyway that was the culture of bevel ownership in the 70's and early 80's--thats why i'm a passionate blabbermouth-these bikes werent my life -but they did shape and define it


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Post by MartinMille BANNED » Wed Mar 18, 2009 3:28 am

I.. 2nd and 3rd that as well, the people you meet and friendships you make far out way the the dollar value , I like Grant interpretation of some of our spare parts as resembling Alladins cave, the parts I'm offloading at the moment is not because I need the money but sourcing SS parts, the $$$ doesnt go as far as it did this time last year therefor the parts I sell will go towards that and not to go and have a good time at the Pub mind you a Turkey sounds good at any time :lol:

What has been your most outrages ebay buy that you just had to have for your Duke?

For me to date it would have to be that "Light" and it answers by the name of JOD followed by the NOS Dash,idiot lights and ign switch that I just bought .....Why, well lets face it if you have the money now and you can why not !! you know it wont come around again for ages and when it does it will only be more expensive

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Post by nottonight68 » Wed Mar 18, 2009 3:46 am

what-martin-after all this talk of cama-cammer-camerra---friendsship,i thought you would be offering all your stuff as "give away"-hahaha
give me your stuff mmaatte
seriously tho-stuff bought needs to be sold to buy more important stuff--
after meeting you i know you're passionate--to me i'd rather swap stuff --i work for money and to this point in time (32 yrs) have never sold a single duke part---(bit like you-only sell twin parts-hahaha)


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Post by Aussiess » Wed Mar 18, 2009 3:39 pm

Now I expected you guys (Martin and Steve) to see my point, but what about the others out there?

Me thinks theres a strong grab for cash lurking!

Anyway, provided we all end up feeling reasonably happy then I guess the world keeps turning!

My worst experience Martin- a kick start shaft "assembly" purchased from an English ebay source that turned up with MANY parts not included. Oh well, you live and learn.
Where did I ultimately get the part- from a mate at a sensible price- (my point summed up eh)

Anyone got any rear SSD fairing brackets?
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Post by MartinMille BANNED » Wed Mar 18, 2009 4:13 pm

Grant you are more than welcome borrow mine if you need to make a copy of them , and while your at it make two would you I always wanted a spare :lol: :-D :lol: ;)

By the way I scored a genuine Plexiglass SS screen in fairly good shape as well the Gen fairing I got with the bike how ever is all out of shape and cracked below the headlight , Might have to give Mike from (( http://www.classic-motorcycle-fiberglas ... ontact.htm )) a call and see if he can do anything with to square it back up again , on thing is for sure when they say the glass work was rough they sure were right when you compare the gen fairing to an aftermarket one

give me a ring Grant, we'll sort something out ;)

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I remember the day

Post by Lumpy » Wed Mar 18, 2009 4:13 pm

Yes gentlemen, it has gone crazy and I`d expect it to go crazier. At the risk of sounding like a crusty old codger I remember when you`d see a Harley and that to me represented a bad arse type dude. When i`d see a Duc that represented someone who was really into bikes, but in every facet of motorcycling. They are fast and tempramental and in need of constant tinkering to keep them at their best. Thereby promoting the sort of unofficial brotherhood of masochists who would sacrifice rock solid reliability for the feel and soul that I beleive no other motorcycle delivers. But thats changed now. The old Duc`s are turning into collectors items and more and more are finding their way into lounge rooms and hallways as show peices. Not that I have`nt parked them inside on more than one occassion but that was due to lack of suitable accomodation or work areas.
I can`t help but wonder if the advent of the very succesfull and beautifully engineered 1098 and the GP crown that has`nt helped shove them into view of the fashion consious "must have" catagory.
It makes me laugh at the attention they command and the amount of people that gather at her parking spot. Unfortunatly that also promotes unwanted attention from those with evil intent. Ebay being the perfect forum for them to offload parts. How you going to trace a JOD back to the bike it came from. At the end of the day only engine cases and frames are truely traceable due to the numbers. Some time back I saw what would have been almost a complete GTS up for sale on US eBay as bits. I`m not saying it was hot but it was sad to see yet another bevel removed from service, broken down and sold off to the highest bidders in an attempt to get more cash than would be had from selling her off as a job lot.
So where does it go from here?? Who knows. Maybe one day they will become too valuable to use day to day. Would you ride your Green frame down the pub and park it out the car park while you had a beer with friends?? Call me paranoid but I`m already getting a little worried about where i leave the SS. Shed security has stepped up a notch in recent days and I no longer sit and polish her in the drive way while sipping a beer in the afternoon sun in case some dirt bag notices that`s where it lives. Just saw an 81 SS for sale on US eBay and the blurb said it`s a better investment than your 401K.
In the mean time I ride `em when ever i can and do enjoy browsing eBay, more for the novelty of seeing what people are willing to fork out. I`m pleased to say originality is not a huge priority of mine. Like many of you out there I have all the trimmings of life, kids, mortgage and all the other odd`s and sods that see my hard earned diverted before they get to the shed. So if I have to modify and adapt thats what I`ll do if it means keeping that delightful song booming from those Conti`s. Like Steve says, ride `em, don`t hide them. Well..............hide `em while your not riding `em. Lest they too end up on eBay.

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Post by cafe*racer » Wed Mar 18, 2009 8:44 pm

sn1- I hope I'm not in that Johnny come lately group...having only had mine for about 5 years now. But hey, I wasn't even born when it rolled off the line in '74. Got my first fancy for the Italian Marque just afer high school but it took me a few more years to settle on a model and afford it.

Unfortunately eBay seems to be about the only source for used parts here in the States. I happened upon one of the Bay Area, CA club gatherings on Monday. About a dozen bikes beautifully lined up on the street but not a single bevel in the lot.

Aussies- I think you may be onto something with the cultural angle. Makes me want to visit your land.

Martin- My most outrageous and expensive single purchase would be a complete set of NOS Verlicchi headlight mounts 38mm. Yeah, you remember the ones. I try to only go nuts for the truly hard to find...JOD's and 4777's are a dime a dozen. How many have we seen come out of the woodwork recently. There's yet another 4777 on ebay right now. I bid $500 on it, probably a fair value, but I know I will be outbid.

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Post by MartinMille BANNED » Wed Mar 18, 2009 9:37 pm

I was asked the other day what I'm going to do with the bike that I imported last year now that you have a real SS in your stable , ((you know the SSD made to look like an SS with all the good gear on it )), I said next year I will convert it back to an SSD , fix up the paint but not have it fully resprayed I want to leave as much of the original paint as I can and get a clear coat over the lot ,not touching the frame or engine as these are all honest wear for its age and I might even sell her if I get the guts to do so , I even have the original bill of sale from the dealer including the imports documents from Ducati with all the correct matching numbers to the bike

As for all those SS parts, they will get hung up in the back of the shed until such time that I need to use them ,this includes the 4777 rims these will never see the lights of ebay ever, like you say they are to hard to come by

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Post by abmartin » Thu Mar 19, 2009 4:03 pm

You guys are scaring me to death. I have had my SS for 25 years and unlike you Aussies I have never even been close to a dealer. I have to nurse mine along, self-diagnose problems and get parts anyplace I can find them. Thank goodness for the internet or I would really be stuck although thankfully I have never really had any serious issues with the bike just annoyances.

I have a hard time relating to the fears you guys have of even cleaning them up in the driveway in case someone sees them. Most people here don't even know what a Ducati is and I doubt very much if I could sell mine locally even if I wanted to.

Regardless of the sky-high prices I intend to keep mine on the road.

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Post by Spub » Tue Mar 24, 2009 9:24 pm

To slightly vary the topic, has anyone bought one of the CEV rear tail lights offered for sale on EBay at $29.99? Listing states they are NOS CEV9350 light units offered from Cyprus. More than one offered (Item No. 400038428299). I have 3 bikes that use this tail light, and two of them have cracked units that need replacing.
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