radical thoughts on a 350 single

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radical thoughts on a 350 single

Post by proudnon »

I'm looking for reasons not to try some of the following
well not really
and comments advise laughter encouragement
would be greatly appreciated
I've got a 350 that was raced years ago... it did rather well.
and I'm going to run it this year in more or less standard form
Head ported. vavles carrillo rod etc.
(i don't ride)

my goal is to send a 350 to the classic tt on the IOM Mr. snow has run well for years but
is way outpowered by the cb350s
right now the Cb350 dominate
so something radical is going to be needed
dry clutch and straight cut gears are off the self items now days

I think the first problem is the head
The Mototrans 4 valve looks interesting.. better valve angle then Ducati's 4v attempt
does any one know when thesse were tried.

I've been looking at the SCD and the F3 heads and realized they are not "standard" die cast
If I can find some dimensions I may have to cast up my own heads
I really don't think desmo are all that important
(cheaper now days then trying to ger a 450 head)
I just love 3d imaging..
Sand casting the cases I don't think is needed unless I'm going to
re work the bearing est.... I gather they did on the orginals.

To get some more revs out of it the stroke has to be shortened
The rockers and big end bearing are going to be thought about.
I realize the comments made about plain bearing and the difficulty but to
get reliable revs it may be an option
Everything is going to have to go on a diet. but still be tough enough
for the IOM. Short track doesn't really test the bike like the island.
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