SS desmo cams in GTS motor

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SS desmo cams in GTS motor

Post by dewcati »

Will the desmo cams from a 900SS fit into a 900GTS spring valve head ? I am currently rebuilding my 860 spring motor and just happened to have a set of SuperSport desmo cams.

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Re: SS desmo cams in GTS motor

Post by wdietz186 »

They will physically fit but... The opening lobe is much thinner than the springer lobe and likely won't stand up to the loading imposed by the valve spring and the opening/closing events are rather sudden which in addition to wear would probably make a lot of noise. Also without having the pieces in front of me I think the rocker arm on the 860 will not line up with the lobe on center. If you really want the SS timing I think Megacycle has a re grind they can do on your cam, but you should also raise the compression for it to have any real benefit. Careful checking and setting the cam timing to the published figures will give you a noticeable performance improvement. Offset keys may be required to achieve the desired timing. If you get into it remember... The engine spins clockwise when viewed from the left side [backwards compared to the belt drive models].

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Re: SS desmo cams in GTS motor

Post by ducadini »

I have a set SS cams that are "modified" for spring-use.
The holes in the closer-lobes are welded so all oil goes to the openers.
You will have to fit desmo-opener-rockers and they WILL wear fast.
You CERTAINLY won't be able to rev it to 8500 without risk with the standard springs. Don't know about special springs.

You can also drill the head for desmo rockers and fit a SS set :-D :-D

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Re: SS desmo cams in GTS motor

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