oil leak from vertical bevel tube base

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oil leak from vertical bevel tube base

Post by riccorman »

Hello, It appears that I have an oil leak from the bevel tube base of the vertical cylinder on my 78 Darmah. It looks to be coming directly from the space between the base and the bevel tube itself. Is there a trick way to replace the O-ring without lowering the motor and removing heads etc.? Thanks in advance for any/all replies.
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Re: oil leak from vertical bevel tube base

Post by wdietz186 »

In a word,NOPE! But you can try turning the tube back and forth and push it up or down in the holder. I've stopped a few leaks that way. It seems the o ring develops a flat spot and/or a particle of crud disturbs the seal allowing seepage. I used a pair of pliers that are for removing hoses [needle nosed pliers that have a large ring formed at the end] that are thin and go partially around the tube to grip it. I used a strip of thin leather to protect the finish on the tube.

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Re: oil leak from vertical bevel tube base

Post by Craig in France »

Agree with Bill. As far as I know, Ric (and, as always, I stand to be corrected ...), the simple answer is no.

It's not uncommon for there to be leak here, especially as these things get older :( . O-rings don't last forever, you see. Happens on the singles too.

However ...
It's worth trying a simple 'fix' of a wipe of clear RTV silicone. This I learnt from John Wittmann, a British racer and engine builder who knew more than I ever will about Ducatis.



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