power surge at higher rpms

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power surge at higher rpms


Is it common for the bosch ignition bikes to have a sudden surge of power as rpms increase? it is a noticeable increase from the seat of the pants dyno. To describe it the power curve seams normal untill approx 5.5k rpm and then seems to really kick in. I am only asking because i want to see if it is normal ad or if it is an indication of a looming electrical problem. When i purchased the bike it started hard and left me sit once. i remedied that by finding a bad bullet connector that plugged directly into the ignition switch. this wire just happened to power everything. I am pretty sure that was an issue from day one with this bike because it had very low mikes and it looked like that only five or six strands of the wire were camped into the bullet connector in the first place. oh yea 1980 Darmah 7k km on the clock conties and 40 dels.
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Re: power surge at higher rpms

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That's my experience with 40s... Horrible at low rpm by the way I try to never be below 4K I believe doing so is hard on the bottom end.
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