Rear axle nut on Darmah...

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Rear axle nut on Darmah...

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Anyone know the torque spec on the rear axle nuts of the Darmah? My whell bearings went bad,when I took the wheel off the nut on the sproket side was finger tight. Either the nut loosened up because the bearing got smoked or, the bearing went bad because the nut was loose. Now my new bearings are in and I cranked the nut very tight but it seemed to be too tight and the wheel wouldnt turn freely.I backed the nut off a bit and all seemed to turn freely. Now I would like to know the torque spec so I can tighten it properly.

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sounds like you do not have your bearings seated all the way down, so when you tighten up the nut[s] you put a side load on everything causing the binding............ maybe
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What Steve said, plus you might want to check the spacer that goes between the bearings inside the middle of the hub. If this gets distorted it will also cause a side load on the bearings
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