stripped spark plug hole-best repair method?

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stripped spark plug hole-best repair method?

Post by dalozer »

hey all
while screwwing wtih my 750 GT the helicoil that a previous owner installed came out - any suggestions fot the best way to repair it ??
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Post by Geoff »

Another helicoil, or a timesert, or head off, weld, redrill and tap new hole. Risk with the latter method (while undoubtedly the most permanent if done right) is the head may warp a bit from the heat and require some addtional work to re-true it (and the the valves/ seats etc). I'd recommend speaking to a professional.
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Post by DesmoDog »

I used a Timesert in my 750. I'm not a big fan of Heli-coils and like the Timesert a lot better.
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