1972 750 GT tank strips

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1972 750 GT tank strips

Post by pouchy750 » Sat Mar 07, 2015 11:34 am

Can anybody inform me what are the widths of the white straight type stripes on the side & top of the fuel tanks on an early 1972 GT 750?
From the photo on the Bevel Heaven web page, it appears that there is a yellow pin stripe on the outside of the white side stripes.
Is this the correct color? Are there any other extra color pin stripes on the outside of the yellow pin stripes?
Does the tank top stripe have a black pin stripe & then a white pin stripe on the outside of that? No other color?
I also assume there would be a Made In Italy logo on the top of the tank as well. Where would this be located? Just behind the filler cap?
My bike has the cast aluminum Ducati badges on the fuel tank & the cast aluminum GT750 badge on the side covers.

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Re: 1972 750 GT tank strips

Post by machten » Mon Mar 09, 2015 6:46 am

To my knowledge, no '72 GT had metal tank badges or side cover badges. All the 72 tanks and covers were fibreglass with decals.

Are you sure you meant '72?


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