Genuine 750S?

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Genuine 750S?

Post by tobaccoblender » Wed Feb 25, 2015 10:17 am

Hello there,
I wonder if somebody out there can assist me?
I hope I am very close to buying a '75 750 Sport, and although I was a Ducati mechanic for a living in the late 70's/ early 80's, I've been out of that game for a long while and I need a little help producing a checklist of things to run through when looking at the bike (next week I hope), to confirm it is a genuine Sport and not some faked up fraud. Trouble is, when i spent every waking hour working on Dukes, they were current bikes, not worth big money and thus there were no fakes then.
Anyway, I know the sport must have the rear shockers mounted on the outside of the frame, I know the engine and frame numbers must be within a certain range but that they will not match (could somebody point me in the right direction for finding that range?) and I know the Sport never had a sidestand, as the GT did. I will never forget the crappy mickey mouse speedos, tachos and switchgear (ironically the first thing we did in the old days was to replace the Aprilla switchgear with Yamaha stuff, so you could make it home at night, then we would replace the shitty fuse box with a Japanese one, then solder all the lucar tabs etc etc!), so I'm pretty sure I'll recognise all that stuff- but is there anything else, especially in the frame department that I must not miss? BTW, the bike is a rebuild project the guy started on 15 years ago and fizzled out on, and amazingly it's not a stupid price.....
Thank you very much in advance for any pointers.

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Re: Genuine 750S?

Post by Craig in France » Thu Feb 26, 2015 1:54 am

Hi and welcome,

Have a look at my reply to your other posting ...



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