Sourcing Distributor Parts

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Sourcing Distributor Parts

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G'day All,

I was playing around with my '72 GT just now. Iv'e had some issues dialling in the Dyna S ignition system that I fitted a while back. Anyway, I removed all the Dyna components from the distributor and have discovered that the little towers that the two springs attach to have broken off and were just rolling around in the bottom of the housing. Firstly, what has caused this to happen? Is it just age related or have I changed something that has put unwanted stress on them? Secondly, I can't find replacement parts for it anywhere online, suggesting that its something that is not meant to break. I'm in a pickle. I love this bike but every time I look at it something else seems to break and my finances can't cope with the cost of replacement parts. :~ Any advice or supplier leads are most welcome.


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