Modification for external oil filter?

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Modification for external oil filter?

Post by Norton Margarita »

Has anyone engineered what's necessary to fit an external oil filter? I presume this will likely require some machining and/or welding on the engine cases. I have available a set of 860 cases for inspection, the key thing would be where to pick up the feed to the filter and where to return it. Knowing that, it could then be made tidy.

The reason I'm asking is I've been told you really need to change the oil every 500 miles, not every 1,000, or you risk bottom end wear.

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Post by machten »

To be honest, I think it would be overkill. I choose to change the oil in my bikes round and square case every 1200 - 1500 km anyway. Every second change in the square cases, I change the filter. I've always felt that it's cheap insurance (and the old tractor appreciates the lightly used oil afterwards!)

But if you want to do it...

The 72 and 73 Imola race bikes had oil tappings for an external cooler (but not filter). The crank case tapping is just behind the front bevel tube and the returns are into the camshaft covers to increase oil flow to the top end.

I had the same setup on my 78 Darmah since 1980 but removed the cooler long ago becuase it just wasn't required for my riding. I've left the oil routing in place though, as it can't hurt having that oil in the demos.

Have a look at the pictures of the 73 short stroke on Phil Aynsley's site and you'll clearly see the crankcase tap-in position on the RHS pic of the engine. They cast some special cam cover caps for the racers, but you can just drill straight into them and the oil will be forced in through the camshaft voids and out onto the lobes (which is where you want it). Bear in mind those 750 cam cover caps are getting pretty expensive and hard to get now!! (I'm inwardly wincing at the thought of drilling one!) ... =76&page=1

Here's my darmah arrangement so you can compare to your 860 cases




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Post by ducadini »

Drilling the caps is good, but don't forget to block the original oilfeeds.
I tapped the feeds in the crankcase and fitted a headless allenscrew.
No need to push oil through the barrels just for fun.

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